News Room Archive • 1991

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Analytical and Topical Press Releases
Date Subject
December 17‚ 1991 According to figures released today‚ the 1991 general election proved to be the most expensive legislative election in State history.
November 21‚ 1991 White Paper Report No. 7‚ Is There A PAC Plague In New Jersey? reveals that between 1985 and 1989 general elections special interest political action committees (PACs) increased their contributions to Assembly candidates by 77 percent.
October 23‚ 1991 According to figures released today‚ incumbents have spent over a million dollars more than challengers for the 1991 general election legislative races.
September 26‚ 1991 The Commission will hold a public hearing concerning new rules‚ amendments and repeals pertaining to the registration and reporting requirements of lobbyists and legislative agents.
August 8‚ 1991 According to figures released today‚ campaign spending by incumbents was more than twice the amount spent by challengers for the Primary‚ 1991 legislative races.
July 24‚ 1991 The Commission today renewed the Commission's call for reform of New Jersey's Personal Financial Disclosure (PFD) Act.
July 16‚ 1991 The Commission has released the names of candidates‚ political committees‚ continuing political committees‚ and treasurers who were fined for failure to comply with the Reporting Act.
May 29‚ 1991 The Commission will hold a public hearing concerning its proposed regulations on reporting and record keeping violations and its proposed amendments to its political communications regulation.
May 21‚ 1991 The Commission announced today that candidates for the State Senate and the General Assembly have reportedly raised $1‚211‚933 and spent $504‚907 for their primary election campaigns.
April 10‚ 1991 The Commission has proposed to adopt a new regulation concerning reporting and record keeping violations‚ and to amend its regulation concerning political communications.
April 10‚ 1991 Lobbyists reported spending over $10 million in 1990 but only reported $31‚043 being spent directly on Legislators‚ the Governor‚ and the Governor's staff.
April 3‚ 1991 The Commission has proposed a new regulation that would permit the solicitation of campaign contributions through the use of a "900 line telephone service."
February 21‚ 1991 The Commission has proposed to amend its definition of the term "political committee‚" and to increase its photocopying fees to reflect costs incurred by the Commission in producing photocopies.
January 11‚ 1991 White Paper No. 6‚ Autonomy and Jurisdiction is the sixth of a series of analytical reports released today setting forth ideas for strengthening its independence and for modifying its jurisdiction scope.