News Room Archive • 1994

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Analytical and Topical Press Releases
Date Subject
December 16‚ 1994 The Commission praised Assemblyman Monroe Lustbader (R-Essex) for introducing legislation that would curb deliberately false political advertising.
December 8‚ 1994 Public hearing on false campaign advertising on December 13, 1994.
November 28‚ 1994 William Eldridge has renewed his call for measures to limit deliberately false political advertising by candidates.
October 24‚ 1994 William Eldridge has been named Chairman of the New Jersey Election Law Enforcement Commission
August 8‚ 1994 The Commission has proposed regulations and repeals concerning the reporting requirements of continuing political committees, political party committees and legislative leadership committees.
June 15‚ 1994 The Commission has proposed new regulations concerning the permissible uses of contributions received by a candidate, candidate committee, joint candidates committee, or legislative leadership committee for campaign expenses, etc.
May 18‚ 1994 The Commission released recommendations designed to strengthen the Gubernatorial Public Financing Program and simultaneously preserve taxpayers' dollars.
April 4‚ 1994 The Commission announced today that annual lobbying financial reports show lobbyists and legislative agents spending $12,699,067 on lobbying activity in 1993.
March 29‚ 1994 Names of candidates and treasurers who where fined for failure to comply with the Reporting Act during the calendar years 1988 through 1991.
March 17‚ 1994 William Eldridge has been named Vice Chairman of the New Jersey Election Law Enforcement Commission.
February 16‚ 1994 White Paper No. 9,  Legislative Candidates: How They Spend Their Money.  The report analyzes the spending patterns of legislative candidates in the 1987 and 1991 elections, is the first study of its kind in New Jersey and perhaps the nation.
February 15‚ 1994 The Commission has concluded its examination of the utilization of public funds or "street money" disbursements by the two publicly-financed 1993 gubernatorial general election campaigns.
February 7‚ 1994 Public hearing concerning the 1993 New Jersey Gubernatorial Public Financing Program.