News Room Archive • 2004

All press releases and press advisories are sent to the State House Press Corps. If you would like a copy of a specific news release‚ please contact the Commission at (609) 292-8700.

Analytical and Topical Press Releases
Date Subject
November 17‚ 2004 The Commission today released Road To The Future: Improving the Convenience and Usefulness of ELEC's Internet Site. The report on computerization was completed to fulfill the requirements of P.L. 2004‚ c.31.
August 23‚ 2004 The Commission is proposing amendments to its regulations to implement statutorily-required quadrennial inflationary adjustments to the limits and thresholds in the New Jersey Campaign Contributions and Expenditures Reporting Act‚ N.J.S.A. 19:44A-1‚ et seq.
July 14‚ 2004 White Paper No. 17‚ Legislative Election 2003: The Rise of Party-Oriented Campaigning.  This white paper analyzes the legislative election of 2003 in the context of similar elections since 1993.
July 6‚ 2004 The Commission is proposing new rules and amendments to its rules concerning the Gubernatorial Public Financing Program.  The proposed amendments and new rules are based upon comments received during public hearings conducted in 2002.
April 19‚ 2004 The Commission is proposing new rules to establish requirements for electronic filing of reports by candidates.  The Commission is also proposing amendments to its rules concerning recordkeeping requirements for expenditures made by candidates and committees‚ etc.