News Room Archive • 2006

All press releases and press advisories are sent to the State House Press Corps. If you would like a copy of a specific news release‚ please contact the Commission at (609) 292-8700.

Analytical and Topical Press Releases
Date Subject
October 25‚ 2006 New Jersey Election Law Enforcement Commission is proposing new rules to implement recently-enacted legislation requiring “pay-to-play” disclosure of contributions by business entities.
September 20‚ 2006 White Paper No. 19 - The 2005 Assembly Election: New Trends on the Horizon?
January 23‚ 2006 Announces Proposing new rules to implement recently-enacted legislation restricting so-called “pay-to-play” contributions.
January 5‚ 2006 White Paper No. 18 - Local Campaign Financing: An Analysis of Trends in Communities Large and Small.