News Room Archive • 2008

All press releases and press advisories are sent to the State House Press Corps. If you would like a copy of a specific news release‚ please contact the Commission at (609) 292-8700.

Analytical and Topical Press Releases
Date Subject
December 18‚ 2008 Proposed Regulations Concerning Public Financing: General and Primary Elections for the Office of Governor.
October 22‚ 2008 New Jersey Election Law Enforcement Commission’s website has been ranked first in the northeast and tenth nationally.
August 13‚ 2008 Proposed amendments concerning inflationary campaign cost adjustments for non-Gubernatorial and Gubernatorial candidates and committees.
August 4‚ 2008 Executive Director retirement announcement.
June 18‚ 2008 New rules and amendments concerning the public financing of primary and general elections for the office of Governor proposed.
March 28‚ 2008 2007 Fair and Clean Elections Report issued.