2007 Fair and Clean Elections Report

What is the New Jersey Fair and Clean Elections Pilot Project?

The 2007 New Jersey Fair and Clean Elections Pilot Project Act creates a pilot project for the public financing of candidates seeking election to the offices of Senate and General Assembly in Districts 14‚ 24 and 37 in the 2007 general election. This expanded legislation is the continuation of a pilot project that occurred in two legislative districts for General Assembly candidates in the 2005 general election. The pilot project’s goals are to improve the unfavorable opinion that many residents of this State have toward the political process‚ to strengthen the integrity of that process and to improve access to it by many individuals and groups who have traditionally not been part of it.

The project is based on similar Clean Elections programs in Arizona and Maine and seeks to provide candidates who run for office with equal financial resources. This project is a milestone in the political history of this State and seeks to halt the erosion of public confidence in the political process by instituting a voluntary‚ publicly funded campaign finance system for legislative office and is designed to remove access to large contributions‚ which is a major impediment to a citizen’s influence within the political process.

What It Means to be a Fair and Clean Candidate

A Fair and Clean Candidate in the 2007 general election must raise between 400 and 800 contributions of $10 each from registered voters within the district. Any candidate who meets this requirement and who refuses to accept contributions from other sources is eligible to receive public financing under the Clean Elections Act. The candidate must declare himself or herself as a Clean Elections Candidate and collect contributions between April 23‚ 2007 and September 30‚ 2007. To start the campaign‚ a candidate may also accept a limited amount of seed money (contributions of $500 or less) from voters registered in New Jersey.

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