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Thank you for visiting the Election Law Enforcement Commission's website. To fully experience this site, please consider the following recommendations.

Browsers such as Firefox and Netscape are not supported through our search engines. Our site and interactive pages are best viewed using Internet Explorer 5.0 or higher and a resolution for viewing this website is 1024 x 768, with Normal Font Size, and a DPI setting of Normal. To set your screen resolution:

  • Select the Control Panel option from the Start Menu.
  • Select the Display option from the Control Panel.
  • Select the Settings tab.
  • In the Desktop/Screen area, move the lever until the text below the lever says 1024 x 768 pixels.
  • Click the OK button. A message appears indicating that Windows will resize your desktop, and that it might take a few seconds.
  • Click the OK button again.
  • After changing the screen resolution, a dialog box appears asking if you want to keep this setting. Click Yes to keep the setting.

You can download a FREE copy of Internet Explorer. In addition, there are printable “PDF” downloads available throughout the website that require a FREE copy of Adobe Reader.

You may call 609-292-8700 or Toll Free in New Jersey 1-888-313-ELEC (3532) and ask for the help desk if you need further help adjusting any of these settings.