Complaints and Final Decisions
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All Complaints and Final Decisions are released in the Commission's public room and on the Internet at 10:00 a.m. on the first and third Wednesday of each month (except holidays). A Complaint is a formal charge by the Commission that a violation of the Campaign Reporting Act, Lobbying Act, or other statute within the Commission's jurisdiction appears to have occurred, and commences legal proceedings which may result in the imposition of a civil penalty. Any person or entity charged with a violation has an opportunity for a hearing before the Office of Administrative Law in the Department of State. A Final Decision is the Commission's adjudication of the Complaint and may impose specified civil penalties authorized by law upon a finding that a violation has occurred. Interested persons may review these documents at the Commission's offices or may order copies by calling (609) 292-8700 or Toll Free within NJ 1-888-313-ELEC (3532).

Complaints and Final Decisions released after January 1, 2000 may be viewed on the Internet.