Gubernatorial and Public Financing Forms

All gubernatorial candidates should contact the Compliance Division of the Commission to schedule an appointment for gubernatorial training, or to discuss the requirements and/or restrictions relating to the gubernatorial election. Any gubernatorial candidate that anticipates raising and spending over $100,000 or intends to participate in the public financing program must contact compliance staff to obtain a copy of the Gubernatorial Electronic Filing Software (GEFS) to file the required election reports.

For all gubernatorial assistance please contact the Commission's Compliance staff at (609) 292-8700 or toll free within New Jersey: 1(888) 313-ELEC (3532).

Candidate Forms:
Form A-1 Candidate Sworn Statement - Single candidate spending nothing or $5,100 or less.
Form D-1 Single Candidate Committee Certificate of Organization and Designation of Campaign Treasurer and Depository
Form DX Designation of Deputy Treasurer and/or Additional Depository
Form D-1G (General Election Only) Gubernatorial/Lieutenant Gubernatorial Candidates Certification of Organization and Designation of Campaign Depository and Treasurer.
Form C-1 Supplemental Contributor Information
Form E-1 Supplemental Expenditure Information
Form PFD-1 Personal Financial Disclosure Statement
Instructions for filing the Form PFD-1
Form P-2 Issue Advocacy Organization Report of Contributions and Expenditures
Form P-2A Candidate Certification - Issue Advocacy Organization Participation
Form G-1A Candidate Certification for Public Financing and Debate Participation
Form G-2 Gubernatorial Candidate Sample Ballot Statement
Form AT Application for Termination of Reporting with Net Liabilities (Publicly Financed Gubernatorial Candidates)
Form PF-F Certification and Final Report of Publicly Financed Gubernatorial Candidates with Net Liabilities
Other Gubernatorial Forms:
Form DS Gubernatorial Election Debate(s) Sponsor Application
Form G-5 Gubernatorial Ballot Statement Reimbursement

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